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MOAR Doodles!

Oh it's a Kamina!



Some more GL doodles

All of these were done with MS paint, well...except for the rainbow Kamina.

Spiral Angels page 2

So I think I'm calling it Spiral Angels, thank you Marcella for the name.

I think I'm using too much screentone. >.>

Working on a Gurren Lagann Doujinshi

Yeah. :x
I'm probably just kidding myself but it's an oppourtunity to get better. And hell, maybe people will like it.
I'm doing it completely black and white with screentone. I really need to practice my screentone ability. v_v

This would be the cover...It's not a yaoi.

And I just finished the 1st page today...This is really the only serious attempt I've done with screentoning a manga and well...
It  doesn't look HORRIBLE...

I purposely made it really sketchy. If I was REALLY serious then I would do 3 line arts in order to get straight perfect images, however I'm only doing 2 so I'm mainly linearting over circle placements. >.>

I hate bubbles.
I hate them.

Sharing some doodles


Kittan and Kamina <33